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Distributed Energy - Anywhere in the World

Distributed energy is the generation, storage, and administration of energy resources in locations where they are consumed. Often these sites are remote, off-grid locations, where extended grids are not economically feasible. Dresser-Rand has the product resources and capability to offer a wide range of distributed power generation applications nearly anywhere in the world.


There are a number of sustainable development challenges involved in facilitating rural electrification and distributed generation. Siemens containerized diesel gensets combined with a number of  photovoltaic mini-grid and solar home system (SHS) installations can be easily installed in remote and isolated areas.

One of our most important efforts in Brazil is to provide power generation for 54 isolated locations in the Amazonas area. In addition to providing nearly 400 diesel-fueled engines to date, we also provide operation and maintenance, spare parts, and any other services necessary to keep these power plants operating around the clock. Reliability is critical, because these facilities are the only option these isolated communities (between 25,000 and 250,000 inhabitants) have for power.

What are the benefits of distributed energy?

  • Quick access to remote areas
  • Lower energy losses in transmission and distribution
  • Allows for cogeneration optimizing energy efficiency
  • Modular plants that reduce investment by changing size as demand grows
  • Reliable and lasting power supply
  • Adaptability to the type of fuel available at the installation site
  • Greater control and improved energy cost forecast
  • Improved stability of the voltage of the electrical network
  • Increase in contingency reserves