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Combined Resources Expand Opportunities for LNG Projects

With the combined resources of Siemens, the value proposition for LNG clients from the new Dresser-Rand business within Siemens Power and Gas division have expanded. Dresser-Rand’s innovations in compression technology, rotor dynamics, head capacity, and efficiency per compression section all serve to provide incremental production gains that are important to the operator. The addition of Siemens’ SGT-750 gas turbine driver and Industrial Trent® 60 aeroderivative gas turbine to the portfolio increase Dresser-Rand’s capabilities for offshore and onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects.

SGT-750 Low-weight Industrial Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-750 low-weight industrial gas turbine was designed and developed to incorporate size and weight advantages of the aero-derivative gas turbine while maintaining the robustness, flexibility and longevity of the traditional heavy-duty industrial gas turbine. With a power output of 37 MW for power generation, or of 38.2 MW for mechanical drive, the SGT-750 turbine was specifically designed for long operating times with extended overhaul intervals. It offers high reliability resulting from extremely low downtimes for planned overhaul and maintenance work (only 17 days in 17 years), and achieves the highest availability in its performance class.

The SGT-750 turbine offers easy access to all the key components. It is assembled as a unit on a single-lift frame with a divider between the turbine and the driven equipment. The SGT-750 turbine is a two-shaft machine optimized for simple cycle. It has a single, rigid rotor compressor body that is electron beam-welded to ensure reliable, stable and uniform run-up in hot or cold conditions. Axial blade attachment grooves allow blade replacement without rotor removal.

Industrial Trent 60 Aero-derivative Gas Turbine
The Siemens Industrial Trent 60 aero-derivative gas turbine (ADGT) delivers up to 66 MW of electric power in simple cycle service at 42 percent efficiency. It meets the higher power and variable speed demands required by LNG operators and offers fast delivery and installation times. Renowned for its fuel economy and cost savings, the Industrial Trent 60 ADGT has already been selected by clients for an LNG onshore project as well as two floating LNG (FLNG) offshore projects since Dresser-Rand and Siemens came together.

LNGo™ Natural Gas Liquefaction System

LNG clients can combine these expanded Siemens products with Dresser-Rand’s DATUM® compressors and LNGo™ natural gas liquefaction system, the latest innovation for the LNG market. The LNGo natural gas liquefaction system uses a combination of Dresser-Rand technologies, including its MOS™ reciprocating compressor, Guascor® gas engine and Enginuity® control system in a portable, smallfootprint package that can be placed on well pads, gas flares and similar sites. The system allows for small, portable, stand-alone plants and can be moved to support changing requirements and needs.

siemens-stcBoil-off Gas Compressors

Siemens is the technology and market leader for cryogenic temperature boil off gas compressors for LNG production plants. With operating temperatures as low as -160 degrees Celsius (-256 degrees Fahrenheit), Siemens single shaft boil-off gas compressors (STC) are designed to withstand thermal shock and feature heavy duty dry gas seals protected in a heated seal carrier, variable inlet guide vanes for easy start up and best turndown, and an option for direct online start-up which does not require static cooling nor gas needed for flaring.

The STC boil-off gas compressor takes the evaporated gas at the storage temperature and pressure and compresses it. The compressed vapor is then cooled and expanded to re-liquefy it – or it is cooled and injected directly into a pressurized liquid stream for sale of gas.

dusberg-test-facilityWorld Class Test Facilities
Thanks to the combined resources, the Dresser-Rand business comprises four world class test facilities (Duisburg, Germany; Hengelo, The Netherlands; Olean, NY, United States and LeHavre, France) that can full load test a main liquefaction train with both a driver and a compressor.


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