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Olive Mash and Pits Will Save Facility $600,000 Annually in Electricity Costs

Dresser-Rand recently installed the first Guascor® gen-set for a biomass application in Latin America at the San Juan de Olivos olive harvesting and olive oil production facility in San Juan, Argentina.

argentine-containerIn addition to providing enough energy to sustain the plant’s operations and provide energy to other areas of San Juan, the process is expected to save San Juan de Olivos close to $600,000 dollars in electricity costs every year.

Dresser-Rand worked on the project with LatAm Bioenergy Group, a New York-based engineering, procurement and construction company, focused on the sustainable development of renewable energy solutions in Latin American countries. The LatAm Bioenergy Group served as the project architect, the engineering, procurement, and construction project lead, and the exclusive market developer for the gasifier.

The “green” power project will use a Guascor SFGLD360 containerized CHP unit to gasify the facility’s biomass to produce syngas. Once operating, the syngas will power San Juan de Olivos’ production facility. The biomass employed in this project will be the waste wood collected by pruning the olive trees, and the extracted olive mash and pits discarded during oil production.

The process is expected to yield roughly 250-300 kWe each day—covering all of the facility’s energy demands. San Juan de Los Olivos is also in the process of acquiring a license that will allow the facility to generate surplus electricity that can be exported to the Energía San Juan power grid.

Dresser-Rand was selected for the project because the Guascor containerized gas gen-set engine model SFGLD360 is specially designed for biomass applications. Dresser-Rand’s technology offered a solution perfectly tailored to San Juan de Olivos’ requirements for gas quality and composition.

Developed in 1997, the Guascor engine series has evolved to include biomass applications and processes. These types of engine burn lean gas from 4.5 to 14 MJ/Nm3. Combustible components consist primarily of CO and H2.

San Juan de los Olivos S.A., a Roemmers Group company, was established in 1996 and has since devoted itself to achieving the highest quality of olive and olive oil production. Located in the Ullúm valley of San Juan, Argentina, at the foot of the Andes mountain range, San Juan de los Olivos takes advantage of the region’s excellent soils to cultivate olive trees under the most favorable climatic conditions.

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