Three Named Engineering Fellows

The Dresser-Rand business, part of Siemens Power and Gas Division, recently inducted three distinguished employees into the Engineering Fellowship Program for 2015: Ralf H. Bode; James M. Sorokes; and George C. Talabisco. The Global Engineering Fellowship Program was established in 2012 to enhance Dresser-Rand’s focus as a technology company and to recognize, reward and retain […]

Nachwuchskreis Duisburg / Essen promotes career development

Career development programs are widely acknowledged as an important tool in today’s competitive business environment. Not only do these programs boost company growth and increase employee productivity, but they create an enthusiasm that powers retention. Studies show that employees who participate in career development programs tend to be more productive and customer-directed, and less likely […]

Service Contract Manager Not Unlike a Maestro

“I always wanted to be a doctor, because I wanted to help people and have a positive impact each day,” says Danielle Guccione. “But then I visited my older sister Leia, who was taking summer classes at Iowa State, and was introduced to her mechanical engineering advisor. Her advisor talked to me about engineering and everything you could do with […]

Fellowship Program Welcomes Lucas and Moll

Hiring and retaining top-notch technical talent is essential to maintaining market leadership. Dresser-Rand established the Global Engineering Fellowship Program to honor employees who have attained the highest level of distinction through significant engineering achievements. A Dresser-Rand Engineering Fellowship is a tribute to employees who have been practicing engineers for 20 or more years and whose work has provided competitive advantages in the energy markets. Honorees are also recognized as industry experts in […]

Fellows Program Welcomes Second Class of Inductees

Ken Schoeneck and E. Martin Hinchliff inducted into Engineering Fellowship Program. The Fellows program, established in 2012, honors individuals who have attained the highest level of distinction through significant engineering achievements that have had a global impact on Dresser-Rand by providing competitive advantages in the energy markets and being recognized as an industry expert in […]

Dresser-Rand Mentors Aspiring Engineers

From the aerodynamic design of a compressor return channel, to a timing system for an autocross race course, to a gearbox that allows someone to steer a wheelchair with just one hand – these were among the more than 200 senior capstone design projects at the annual Richard J. Fasenmyer Engineering Design Conference, held at […]

People Power

Editor’s Note: Gustavo Nechar, Vice President Human Resources, talks about how Dresser-Rand tackles the challenges and embraces the opportunities in workforce planning and talent management in today’s competitive, diverse global marketplace. People are the main ingredient of a successful company. Recruiting, training, managing, guiding, and retaining employees are all important challenges that we and other […]

Engineering Fellowship Program Honors Two Long-time Employees

Throughout the year, Dresser-Rand recognizes employees with various awards and acknowledgements. In 2012, the Global Engineering Fellowship Program was established to enhance Dresser-Rand’s focus as a technology company and to recognize, reward and retain the best technical employees who have been practicing engineers for 20 years or more. The Fellows Program honors individuals who have […]