Revamps + Remanufactures

There are many important benefits of revamping your axial or centrifugal compressor.

Dresser-Rand can modify your equipment by incorporating new or remanufactured components, materials, and assemblies to accommodate changes in your current equipment operating conditions, improve your operating efficiency, and remove process bottlenecks. Our remanufacturing professionals provide —

  • Applications support
  • Equipment selection
  • Inspections
  • Recommendations
  • Advice on process equipment reapplications

A revamp on an existing compressor can reduce horsepower requirements, increase capacity and efficiency, and make the compressor operate at a new condition of service. A revamped compressor —

  • Meets new or changing compression requirements with existing equipment
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to the purchase of new equipment
  • Can generally be completed in a shorter time period
  • “Tunes-up” your compressor – which helps extend its life
  • A well-timed revamp increases reliability and availability by incorporating the latest material and design technology

Comprehensive OEM review of all known current and future requirements

Includes consideration of equipment ratings and limitations for a reliable conversion and safe operation, and provides economical revamp solutions focused on maximum efficiency, reliability and increased capacity.

Close OEM / client coordination

By working closely with the client, Dresser-Rand helps to minimize the number of unknowns to help achieve a cost-effective solution.