E-Houses + Modules

Minimize installation time, risk, and surface footprint with our customized, plug-and-play solutions for oil and gas applications

The oil and gas industry demands field-proven power and compression solutions that ensure safe operations, enhance installation efficiency, minimize downtime, and address space constraints. To meet these demands, the Dresser-Rand business draws on Siemens experience to offer highly reliable plug-and-play solutions for power generation; high, medium, and low-voltage (HV, MV, and LV) power distribution; and compression for both onshore and offshore applications. Designed, pre-fabricated, and pre-tested in-house, our solutions are tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Our comprehensive offering includes:

  • E-houses for on and offshore applications
  • Power generation modules
  • Compression modules
  • Process / utility modules
  • Complete turnkey compression stations
  • Floating power solutions

Experienced teams oversee the entire solution throughout all stages, from concept study and design to engineering, construction, mechanical completion, commissioning, testing, and load out. Our extensive engineering and project management capabilities deliver projects that are on time and adhere to the highest level of safety.

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