Siemens STC-SV Compressor Series

The compressor series STC-SV is Siemens’ answer to the diversified needs in industrial process compression. From standard processes to high-pressure applications such as hydrocracking, syngas or gas storage and injection, Siemens STC-SV compressors are the ideal solution for a large number of applications. These compressor types realize a discharge pressure up to 1,000 bar. As all Siemens single-shaft compressors, STC-SV compressors are designed according to API 617.

The Siemens STC-SV (S) is also available as single-stage machine. This is a packaged-unit concept – compressor, driver and auxiliaries form one single-lift unit which facilitates transport and reduces site installation work to a minimum, realizing pressures up to 80 bar.


  • The perfect match for low molecular weight and ultra-high pressure processes
  • Optimum compressor performance and rotor dynamics
  • Robust design allowing high nozzle loads