Service Agreements for Rotating Equipment (FlexLTP)

Service Contracts – Partnering with our Clients to Reduce Risk and Waste and Increase Reliability and Profit of Production Machinery

Operating decisions about critical machinery are often made without essential information. The information necessary for managers to make informed decisions is often hidden in technical data collected daily in generator stations, and it is often stored in dissimilar databases and formats. Many times decisions are made (or not made) that result in unplanned downtime, lost production, and increased expense.

Service contracts from Dresser-Rand create a direct partnership with owners and operators to ensure they have the data needed to make the best decisions – for Dresser-Rand or non-Dresser-Rand equipment.

We provide excellent services for select, client-owned, production equipment or facilities that can include:

  • Dresser-Rand’s EASE™ condition monitoring program providing management-ready information
  • Scheduled or condition-based maintenance
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Full-time Dresser-Rand trained crews

Our highly skilled employees have extensive product knowledge and the maintenance experience necessary to provide fully integrated machinery care services for our clients.

A Dresser-Rand Service Contract allows equipment owners and users to concentrate on their core businesses, while Dresser-Rand provides the value-adding services to improve equipment availability, reliability, efficiency and profitability.